Proposal: bZxDAO inviting PieDAO to participate in bZx protocol governance

In a nutshell: we bootstrapping the decentralization factor of our governance for upcoming bZxDAO. We want PieDAO to have a say and some skin in the game in our governance, so we are offering $10k worth of BZRX tokens.

bZxDAO Governance Bootstrapping Program

As a part of our Protocol Disbursement Program, we have allocated BZRX tokens to reward power users and reputable DeFi community members.

Our Governance Bootstrapping Program was created with a goal of diverse and advancing our protocol’s governance DAO.

Vesting terms + Fee sharing

Vesting Token

  • Holders accrue BZRX internally as they vest and can claim anytime
  • The tokens vest over 4 years with a six month cliff.

Fee sharing

  • The vesting tokens earn fees that vest simultaneously with the tokens that earned them.
  • Vested fees can be claimed anytime


  • Vesting tokens have 50% voting power compared to BZRX

Further reading

Introducing the bZxDAO

The BZRX Token Model v3


I’m in favor of accepting the BZRX tokens.

I find the idea of DAOs participating in another DAO’s governance very interesting.


@sneg55 sounds great. I aim for PieDAO to be a relevant party in bZx protocol governance while representing the PieDAO Community!


In favor!

Sound good to me!

Let’s do it!

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Note that the DxDao was also asked to participate, maybe nice to read their thoughts.