Proposal: CEFI Pie

CeFi is a bit older than DeFi but is still a growing area in FinTech. These companies create easy ways for newbs to get into crypto and DeFi. There is a good opportunity to create a Pie that can invest in those CeFi projects that also have tokens associated with their platforms. Usually these tokens incentivize their users to hodl and stake for more rewards causing them to increase in value as more users enter the space and tokens become scarce.

Credit and Debit cards have been slow to roll out on the various platforms but will bring even more users as they do. It will also bring more traditional investors to these markets as they begin to see value created by these new revenue streams.

I recommend creating a Pie that invests in CeFi tokens weighed by marketcap that updates every 15 days.

There could also be opportunities to generate yield for these tokens as all the respective platforms allow this. I’m just not sure how the PIE would be able to handle this.

Suggested token contents
CEL : Celsius $2B Mcap
CRO: Crypto(dot)com
NEXO : Nexo
CHSB : Swissbourg
COIN: Coin
YLD : Yield(dot)app $4M Mcap

There are likely other’s I’ve missed. It’s also possible that a Coinbase stock syntetic asset could be added when they finally go public.

Although the companies themselves have had ups/downs they are still finding new users and most if not all have at least a small active group of hardcore users.


Personally I won’t use this pie :rofl:

I think it’s worth checking this point. For instance, with CRO you need to lock several months to have a nice yield.

Are you also sure that all those token are available on Uniswap or an other DEX ?

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Re: “Personally I won’t use this pie” - I think this is fair and I know a lot of people hate CeFi. But it will be a gateway to DeFi so will continue to grow as people enter the space. So I see some potential for upward movement in this space.

I think the yield would be a ‘nice to have’ at the moment and the Pie would be more about investing in the CeFi space. Similar to an ETF that invests in companies but not their products.

Yes, I’m fairly sure all these tokens are available on Uniswap. I haven’t made some of the trades but I just did a quick add via etherscan contact and they show up in the UI.

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Maybe but for sure remove YLD Yield App …
That is just a …

I would probably not be a fan but do I see while someone might want this one.
My understanding is that the yield is not possible to be generated in a trustless way, can you elaborate @JBro?

I think you’re right: “yield is not possible” …

Still worth holding the token though as ‘tokenomics’ for these platforms is to incentivize hodling and buybacks of their own tokens. Which creates scarcity and pumps the prices.

And I totally understand why people aren’t a fan of this space. I do think DeFi is infinitely better. However DeFi is a black box for those that don’t understand it. It feels years away from mainstream adoption. In the meantime those users will roll into CeFi (my opinion of course). It could be that apps like Argent will make it easier for people. But I’ve also heard rumors of Argent possibly creating a token…

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@JBro looks like I totally missed this when I created this idea. There’s a lot of overlap of your index. Essentially, targeting projects that have a token and are the gateway for all the normies to come in.

Here’s an easy way to build a model for it!

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Hi @JBro, I like what you’re talking about here. I had an extremely similar thought earlier this week, which seems to also be in line with what @Shubiwubi has posted called $CARD, as well as a more focused list @Quailman, and I’m glad something like it was posted here!

To keep going down that path, my thoughts center around a collection of providers offering either virtual or physical cards themselves. My thought is that the easiest way for the masses to adopt crypto is to have it in their wallet/purse like any other money they’d spend today. My current list is similar to what I’ve seen you all post, but as I said, more focused on card providers:

  • CDC
  • CEL
  • CNFI
  • SXP
  • MTL
  • NEXO
  • TERN
  • UTK
  • WXT

I am avoiding a couple big players with cards, namely Coinbase and Binance but you’re right in that people may be more comfortable with those names. It’s just that they muddy the waters a bit for this pie.

I wanted to explore Tiramisu to see what a model could look like this weekend. This is my first post in the forums so any help is welcome!