Proposal: Create NFTPie

NFTs are heating up, and it would be awesome to have a PIE for the different platforms that are exploring NFTs.

Some Platforms that come to mind:

$NIF (

Also opening the discussion here, since surely there are more platforms that I’m not aware of.


Have you looked at the PLAY proposal?

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I have, but that one is more focused on Games, while the one I’m suggesting is more focused on ART + DeFi projects.

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Yeah your right, art and Defi are two different areas though.

I’m not sure whether one broad index would be better or have an Index for each area.

All the talk is about NFTs this year so I think they should be covered, liquidity is a problem though.

Look up Hashmasks, it’s an artistic avatar project. NFTX Indexes have created a specific index for this project alone

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SuperFarm is a cross-chain DeFi protocol

Hey @PlayWith.eth,
I moved the topic to the #idea section while waiting for the discussion to develop.

More info: How To Prioritise PIPs & Guidelines For Good Interactions in the Forum

Hey! check out this poll to help us prioritise the many Ideas for Pies received

SuperFarm is a cross-chain DeFi protocol

SuperFarm is a cross-chain DeFi protocol that allows users to deploy crypto and NFT farms with no code required!

SuperFarm hasn’t launched yet, has it? When they do it would be a nice idea to consider adding them to the Pie, if the pie already exist.

Thanks, let me take a look at the guidelines, I’m new to DAOs

PUNK token is the token recommended by NFTX themselves to people who want to invest broadly in the CryotoPunk space .

The PUNK token by NFTX is backed by the Punk Core Fund on Balancer.

The PUNK Core fund contains:
Punk Basic (20%)
Punk female (20%)
Punk attr 4 (20%)
Punk attr 5 (20%)
Punk Zombie (20%)

Would like $NFTX and $MUSE as well

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NFTX is a governance token

PUNK sounds like a good addition.

I’m quite busy during the days, so I haven’t had time to make the formal analysis for this proposal, but it seems like it’s the second most wanted option in the Poll.

Yes it’s popular and being discussed in General channel on Discord.

Hopefully soon as NFT is flying

Here are some NFT projects recommended by DC Investor.


Some other ones I think would be good allocations are $WHALE and $FLOW (from dapper labs)

I think there are 3 main areas within NFT.


The proposed PLAY pie covers the Gaming side.

Flow would fit a platform Pie and possibly could fit into the PLAY pie.

I think WHALE, PUNK, MASK and NCT covers a lot of the Artistic area.

I’m not sure whether we’re going to have specific pies for each area of a broader pie covering all NFT areas.

Okay okay gotcha. Personally, I would prefer and well rounded pie considering I think all of the NFTs will perform well in the long run, but it makes sense also to separate them into gaming, art, real estate, music, etc. so I’m not 100% sure which would be best. I look forward to it regardless

Here’s a list of NFT projects mentioned in Messaris 2021 Theses.

Matic (Blockchain)
Enjin(Market for Games)
Rari(collectibles market)
AXS(Gaming platform)
Mana(Gaming platform)
Sand(VR platform)
DG(Gambling platform)
Whale(Social Token)
Chilliz(Social Token)

I reckon an index of the ones above + these would be a good entry point to NFTs.