Proposal: Dexlab to take on a leadership development role with PieDAO

The PieDAO community has been growing at a flattering rate, and so its engagement: this has definitely be a major driving force behind PieDAO success to date.

An important question though that keeps on being raised by many of PieDAO’ stakeholders relates to PieDAO’s future ability to keep on delivering at such an impressive pace.
In order to address this topic and build the foundations for a sustainable development over time, the Dexlab team is now proposing to take on a leadership role in PieDAO’s development for the next 3 years, following a roadmap definition to be submitted on a semi-annual basis to PieDAO for approval through on-chain governance voting.

Dexlab Inc. is a DeFi Blockchain Studio specialized in the integrated design and development of decentralized applications. The Dexlab team is composed of experienced professionals and members of the DeFi ecosystem having already deeply contributed to the early set-up and development of PieDAO, highly passionate and committed to make the PieDAO vision a reality.

The proposing team has a proven track record of delivery, having notably launched, among other products,,,,

The proposal to take on the lead role for PieDAO’s development would include Dexlab’s responsibility for the next 3 years over the following domains

  • Orchestration of the entire development scope to comply with the milestones given with budget responsibility;
  • Technical Design, Development and Maintenance of the PieDAO infrastructure;
  • Technical Development and Integration with third party protocols of ad-hoc solutions for future PIEs;
  • Functional advisory for the development of future PIEs voted as per PieDAO’s governance;
  • Research and development of Interoperability solutions, with particular focus on improved UX/UI and streamlined liquidity aggregation;
  • Launch and promotion of Bounty programs for the externalization of development tasks;
  • Domain and required subscription management on behalf of PieDAO;
  • Contracting of Technical Auditors in charge for multiple code-validation milestones
  • Development of ad-hoc onboarding solution to streamline the general awareness of PieDAO;
  • Community coordination, with appointment of required resources for glocal community building;
  • Continuous update and improvement of documentation for developers;
  • Production of Design materials and educational contents for a broader audience’ sensibilisation.

Furthermore, Dexlab will also make sure PieDAO will be properly represented across the DeFi community, ensuring its exposure to the most appropriate meet-ups, hackathons, events and publications globally. The above development efforts would be invoiced at an agreed rate and submitted on a monthly basis to PieDAO to be approved for compensation by governance’s voting.

Any feedback from the Community on such important proposal would be highly regarded!

Below the original proposal on IPFS and its cryptographic signature


  "address": "0xe1b86131bc69d0237f7243542cb9156fa8f034a8",
  "msg": "IPFS Hash: QmR2cqN3EwN6GYmzTHQ5Y943G7zHE15o2m57kbBpgCaNRy",
  "sig": "0x0ad4f6782d5ce8c2b015471368a3987c00af4d4948ce8eea8910b9947f25948e2773ea6228dcd22d86b0ac5df63b14962cefb12622ea4c8e580c8f8e5dc1728501",
  "version": "2"