Proposal for partnership with Tokemak

What is Tokemak and how would this benefit PieDAO?

Tokemak offers a solution to impermanent loss through sustainable liquidity or liquidity as a service. Ease of liquidity management. The benefit to PieDAO would be offering users more utilities from some of the tokens wrapped in our Pies/slices. A close partnership or integration could benefit both protocols immensely as there is a lot of potential synergy.

What drives this Partnership proposal?

The major benefit would be in creating a synergy for the gaming community. Our PLAY pie offers a lot of future potential and of course pies are gas efficient. Once received users hold many tokens that they might not have immediate utility for or would be used in quick swaps for short term plays. Tokemak just launched an Illuvium reactor which will offer our users to long term hold the Illuvium tokens earned while still earning a decent APR%. They will also gain $TOKE in this process which allows more PieDAO members to participate and drive the direction of Tokemak. We could potentially push for more reactors that align with our Pies and provide even more utility to tokens that would otherwise lack much opportunity. Since this is a single sided exposure we remove the impermanent loss risk from pairs.

The recommendation

I’m putting this to the community for discussion but I think it is worthwhile that PieDAO engage members of the Tokemak team to discuss potential synergies and collaboration. Our indexed assets and their single sided LP’s seem like a perfect synergy to offer both of our users. I also think PieDAO could benefit through any accumulation of $TOKE as Tokemak is very well positioned to offer DAO’s/protocols sustainable liquidity or TVL. This is speculation but I could see an outcome where the Liquidity wars being played out on $CRV could expand to $TOKE.

Tokemak site:



Hi All!

Below are the 3 action items from our call today. I’ll get to work on 1&3 but would like to initiate the poll here.

Action Items:

  1. 1- Can we use Tokemak to MM our PIES? You suggested Play, Block mentined USD++

2- Would be good to understand how many Dough holders own Toke

3- List which assets would be the most promising from their paired reactors


PieDAO members holding/participating in $TOKE
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