Proposal: 'Lazy' Pies

(1) $LAZYBTC - A set of yielding BTC variants:

$ibBTC (
$cWBTC (
$aWBTC (

(2) $LAZYETH - A set of yielding ETH variants:

$stETH (
$rETH (
$ibETH (
$cETH (
$aETH (

(3) $LAZYPIE - A combination of the above two pies:

$LAZYBTC (80%)
$LAZYETH (20%)

Thoughts for discussion:

(a) Is there a need for $LAZYBTC and $LAZYETH? Or will there be clear dominant yield-generating variants ($ibBTC and $stETH for example). I think there’s a stronger case for $LAZYETH, since staking and lending/borrowing are mutually exclusive in terms of income generation. Maybe $LAZYBTC is still justified because it spreads risk across multiple interest-bearing projects.

(b) What variants did I miss? Tokens from Yearn, Cream, Curve, etc?

© Is there a need for $LAZYPIE? The ratio would be set, so only people who are okay with that specific ratio would want $LAZYPIE. Maybe governance would make this a nonissue.

(d) [Not Important] Better name than ‘lazy’? Since ‘++’ already exists on PieDao, I thought of $BTC** and $ETH** instead. In Python (and maybe other languages), this represents exponentiation.

One thing to note is that this wouldn’t need to be a pie vault, because all the income generation is already baked into the underlying assets. I realize some of the underlying assets probably have low marketcap, and some are younger than 3 months (, so maybe it’ll be a bit before this is feasible.

How will it be different to current Pie moving to Pie Vault ?

What do you mean by that?

following our discussion on discord. few links:

So regarding your BTC pie, I guess you are proposition moving from a Pie to a Pie Vault. (each token will generate yield)