[Proposal] Make eDOUGH to be veDOUGH

eDOUGH is from people which have a long term alignment with the project anyways, so it would make sense that any eDOUGH should be considered as veDOUGH as long as it is in the vesting period and therefore increase the voting power and the SLICE of the RewardsPie …

Same Rules as for veDOUGH apply for eDOUGH in that case
… so that SLICE rewards / Voting Power Increase applies only if the respective LP farmer actively partake in Governance, and only within the remaining vesting period of your eDOUGH


[Mod] Removed the PIP Number, those are put by mods when the proposal in votable stage.
Read how to make a votable PIP below :point_down:

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i use this thread to collect some numbers… please correct me if i ll do something not correct… its my first research of that kind …

the eDough Contract is - https://etherscan.io/tokenholdings?a=0x63cbd1858bd79de1a06c3c26462db360b834912d
holds 7.8 Million of eDOUGH right now…

i went a bit thru the old Snapshot Votes and the biggest vote count we had was like
7 Million Votes

the current circulating supply of DOUGH is about 20 million,

That’s correct :ok_hand:

PS. All PieDAO Deployed Smart Contracts are available here: