Proposal: Other communities involvement like $LINK $REN $SNX $MKR with incentive/airdrops

Hello PieDAO community,

I’d like to introduce myself, I’ve been involved in cryptocurrency from early 2016 and managing my own portfolio since then, I came across PieDAO and I’m in love with the idea the meming about Ray and other legend of investing. Visuals are sick, good job team. Non custodian portfolio are the kind of stuff me and friends have been looking for, we tried trading bots before but they kind of suck often.

Are there plans to involve existing DeFi community like $LINK $REN $SNX $MKR maybe with some airdrop or something, I’ve been observing those community for a while and I think it’d be a great way to bootstrap the community.


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Hi Ray!

It’s great to have you here. LINK, REN, SNX and MKR indeed have great communities. And I also believe we should do our best to grow and improve our community, working together with other communities should be a part of that.

Do you have any thoughts on what incentives we can offer people in those communities and beyond?

Did anyone from core team made any contact with them and proposed to get on board with PieDAO governance token through initial token distribution? May be beneficial for both sides to get along.

Maybe we can also contact Mona from Melonport since they can introduce PieAssets as assets where fund managers can invest? Augur team with Pantera and Forecast foundation could also be supportive and offer PieAssets on prediction markets?


We had contact with and have a good relationship with most of the projects mentioned.

Listing the PIEs in Melonport would certainly be beneficial to both us and them. We will reach out to them about it.


I’d rather push bounties or some other kind of task-based reward than a simple airdrop. Not sure they’re such an effective marketing technique nowadays. Am I wrong?

I think you are right. I think they never were a effective marketing technique.

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I get the concept of bounties vs airdrops, but there were the few and the proud airdrops, GBYTE being one, the BTX Bitcore was another (if you owned any), and a few others, but I think where bounties were the main focus, I think it was so heavily dev oriented that that is one reason crypto isn’t mainstream, it seems just a myopic view to keep things centered around dev bounties. GBYTE is another example, they didn’t really do much for growing community beyond the airdrop but when it got into bounty, it was so technical only geeks can figure out GBYTE to it’s own detriment. I would think it would be a mistake to focus on simply coding but go more social aspects and use case this go around. Of course airdrops were cool, but not if people from all over will just gobble em up and dump them with no respect to the actual coin, which will happen, so at least with a vesting period (like WAX) has over 3 years, it discourages dumping. WAX needs to be in the PieDAO. I would encourage more business and economics and social aspects this go around, and growing community vs just dev. I think devs may be a very important part of crypto, the bread and butter actually, but they often lack the real world knowledge of business and industry and are missing the boat as a result. A push towards more social, broadcast oriented, discussion - and tracking good ideas to follow through to use cases and new business development should be more of a focus this go around, yet it all does center around coding. I think the teeter totter was one sided in the last go around with dev to the point it hampered society from using it, that and the HODL movement that also caused portfolios to get crushed when the dumping went down. PieDAO could help prove (by variety of PIES, even if in competition / laboratory mode, as it can be historical and graphic and visual and by % gain or loss, by day, week, month, 3 month, 6 month, year and historical) stability or level of risk. I would also encourage more business and industry this go around - in comparison - to such heavy “dev” for asset classes in general - and it should be encouraged to bring in and onboard business and industry, and compare / contrast with other markets, if not work to create asset classes and indexing, be it gold, silver platinum, etc. Why not encourage the discussion of PieDAO vs silver, or PieDAO vs silver/gold index, or PieDAO vs Bitcoin. It’s a proving ground. Go so heavily dev this go around it will miss the boat again and that will just leave big money and investors vs we the people and others. I’d rather see more analysts and creative people this go around and ease of use than developers to be honest with you. More discussion and social aspects will paint a much greater mosaic over time than hard ass coding and a very limited playing field. Like this post got zero thumbs up, it’s not worthy. If it got X amount it should be incentivized, like any other time, energy that offers value. Without and just bounties for the dev, there’s no incentives and that’s where people drop like flies. The people that bring people together as mentioned - other projects, that should be rewarded somehow, or recognized because how is that not as important than hard ass coding?

I agree we should not fully focus on rewarding dev contributions and don’t think we were planning on doing so.

Offtopic: Can you add some paragraphs to your text next time? I personally cannot read walls of text very well without getting lost hehe.