Proposal to add Chonker.Finance to PLAY Pie

Proposal to add CHONK to PLAY Pie

Chonker.Finance is a brilliant new NFT project that is the first of its kind in the space, in such that it has complete hegemony over the nexus between NFTs and anime industry. The Chonker.Finance ecosystem revolves around the game of “fishing” to collect rare NFTs, as well as the opportunity to use their digital gachapon machine, which is primarily focused on the Yokai in Japanese culture.

Users are further incentivised to participate through the club tier rewards, which allow for participants to be automatically airdropped NFTs on a monthly basis, with increasing levels of rarity the more tokens that are owned. In this way, PieDAO could perhaps integrate such meta-governance as to be able to allow investors who own enough $PLAY (and therefore enough underlying $CHONK) to be able to participate freely and easily within the ecosystem.

Chonk is also developing into a DAO and hopes to act as a launchpad for NFT artists within the ever-growing anime niche, in order to equitably reward artists and forever change the industry of content-creation, in order to make it more egalitarian.

For further details on Chonker.Finance please refer to the following links :


compare this to and I think my answer would be: add degacha ($DOKI) first if any

no, Doki NFTs doesn’t look very great. Very monotonous and is basically just pastel arts. Not anime/manga style which Chonk is.

Chonk will be huge come gachapon launch. Team is hard working and thorough, not releasing stuff until it’s completely finished.

Still sub 10m$ cap, DYOR.

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i think you can tell by my username that this is a yes from me. i noticed it when it was trading @ 90. Joked with my wife about getting 1 just for shit and giggles. randomly checked the price a couple days ago and im not surprised at all tbh. there really are plenty of crazy cat people (me included).

When was it launched ? I can’t find the info, but i think we have some rules before adding a toke. (minimum Market Cap, the project has to be older than X months…)

So i’m not sure this token will fit

Also what would be the % of the Pie ? wich token do you want to remove (or decrease ?)
Do you think it’s a good idea to already change the Pie ? it was launch only few weeks ago .