Purposal on Legal Fund(Rainy Day)

RAINY DAY proposal/rough draft
I do not mean to be negative,. but I think to not plan for the worst is bad. Ray Dalio was recently qouted that the natural thing for the U.S government to do was ban BTC. This might not directly effect everyone, however it’s the flagship of Crypto. If we protect BTC, we protect Crypto as a whole.

I propose that a fund be started that goes towards the potential legal actions required to keep Crypto and PieDAO(DAOs) safe.

It can be donated by members in the community.
It could be taken out of the fees.
Largely Stablecoin. I feel the interest from these are less volatile and can give us clearl vision of future growth of the fund.

We have the power of self wealth creation, I think we can expand our scope of individual investors wealth to communal sustainability.

It is better to have and not need, than need and not have.

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I hope I’m not too off-topic, but I also think that a bug bounty program may be beneficial as well, especially in the world of DeFi.

Well I think someone squashing bugs in the code, is enforcing the digital law right?? I like the suggestion. We might not need the money for 20 years, but the ALPHA at our disposal would give us an army of Lawyers, Code Hunters by then.