Quantity per token

I have been comparing piedao with other index type funds and one thing that I see on DPI that i really find useful understanding if I like the index or not is the Quantity Per Token column - it just makes the basket more understandable to me personally, im wondering if anyone feels similar and thinks it would help newcomers in understanding what they are buying?

two suggestions to make viewing the pie more understandable and hopefully more enticing for newcomers:

  1. Id like to suggest a Quantity Per Token column be added if possible on the Pie view page (https://www.piedao.org/#/pie/:id).
  2. having a column that showed how much APY in approximate dollars is coming from lending and staking activities would be ideal - or something similar

I am not sure how complicated it would be to split out earnings in total APY from staking and lending into a approximate dollar figure - but I would think it would show how Smart Pies differ from other index funds in a clear way for newcomers - I did a quick search across the forum and could not find anything discussing this so figured id start a new topic, thoughts on if this would be worth the effort?