# Scaling Web3 Workforce - Turning community and its networks into revenue for the DAO

Greetings, community
This is Andy, head of the DAO product @ Techtree.


  • At Techtree we are building a mycelium network of Web3 Talent, helping DAOs hire and monetize on their community’s talent network
  • This network is made of individual talent branches i.e. local talent pools
  • Every DAO branch owner can set up a talent branch and invite its community members to join
  • Talent pool can be shared between communities to increase chances of successful hire
  • DAO branch owner can set up bounties for its roles to generate additional revenue for the DAO when a member gets hired
  • Techtree ranks talent so DAOs get access to high quality prospects coming from Web3 Communities, Web3 VC Portfolio companies and other DAOs
  • Always low cost thanks to decentralized nature, no need for intermediaries
  • Get in touch with Andy to have your DAO talent branch up and running

About Techtree

Techtree is a platform, where users can monetize their personal assets such as personal networks, knowledge and reputation by helping other members of trusted networks (such as DAOs, VCs and their portcos, communities) they belong to. Our initial focus is one of key Web3 challenges - hiring. We believe we can scale the workforce of DAOs and Web3 Communities by making it easy for their existing permanent workforce and larger community to refer talent to open positions while getting systemically rewarded.

We are already working with a number of VCs and their portfolio companies as well as Web3 Projects and are excited to pilot the model with top DAOs to help grow their workforce and help build new revenue streams.

  • Founding team : Pawel, Stanislas, Laurence
  • DAO Head of product : Andy (author of this post, an ex-MakerDAO)
  • TechTree is backed by Notion Capital, Frontline Ventures, StakeDAO, Move Capital as well as the ex-CEO of Skype, ex-CTO of Workday, ex-CTO of Nutmeg, co-founder and ex-CFO of Monzo and ex-Head of Sales of Stackoverflow and additional great angel investors.

What are Talent Branches

Techtree started with Bounty Boards - sharable lists of open jobs with corresponding bounties. With a clear reward flow covering referrer, sharer and creator roles in the system. Here’s an example of a bounty board .

This summer we introduced a new concept - Talent Branches. Every talent branch is a talent pool of referred talent accessible for its select members e.g. hiring parties in the DAO or its sub-projects. It is a micro-scale double sided market with job-seekers and potential employers getting access to vetted, high quality candidates. The currency is the bounty value.

The most exciting part though is this: by adding a community managed two-way valve between talent branches we can defragment the current hiring market massively reliant on hiring agencies. Talent can now be available locally and globally increasing trust factor of the entire talent ecosystem as members of the talent branch are validated by the community itself.

Here is a live example of the MakerDAO talent branch - currently at pilot stage talent branch as seen by the candidate. Values presented there are fully customisable.

Turning community into a revenue stream for the DAO

Here, we assume every community is a talent pool. Even with bear market, many companies, communities and ecosystems are looking to hire.

When a talent branch is created, DAO can invite their community members to join the talent branch. This is possible through applying directly or referring others to generic roles, that the community can customize to fit most represented roles.

Talent can be matched with a job in the community itself or can be made available for other communities allowing DAO to generate revenue stream from bounties.

We are currently working on the paywall feature that will enable branch owner to set subscription fee for external employers to be able to view the talent pool.

Nevertheless, Talent Branch Owners (DAOs, Communities etc) can start generating revenue from Day 1, when someone from their talent pool gets hired.

Revenue Flow

Candidates enter the talent branch by getting referred or through direct application. Most candidates across our talent pools are direct applicants, hence leaving almost entire bounty to the talent branch owner as follows:

Hiring trusted talent faster, without intermediaries

In this scenario, the hiring parties within the DAO or a portfolio of its projects are able to fill vacancies faster through setting up their talent branch and/or setting up job-specific bounties for talent to get recommended to.

By referring and applying to generic jobs, candidates become readily available to the invited hiring parties in the DAO or its ecosystem. This way, it is much easier for larger communities to successfully map their community members with available jobs while the value in for of bounty reward stays in the ecosystem.

Since Techtree aims to create an ecosystem, where talent can flow across the IT/Web3 space - the DAO talent branch would not only hold talent referred directly there, but also coming from other talent branches - web3 communities, DAOs, VCs and their portfolio companies. This increases chances of hiring and makes the whole hiring market much less fragmented. Needless to say, no middlemen are needed to match talent and jobs any more.

Vetting and credentials

Vetting is now performed manually by Techtree team based on a number of objective factors - CV, GitHub activity, past experience, individual recommendations etc. but as time goes, we will steer the product increasingly towards self-sustainability through automated reputation scoring system. We currently have a vetting scale of 1-5 with 5 being the top score.

Next Steps

As Techtree we can help realize the vast personal and professional network potential of the PieDao community, creating additional bounty revenue and connect members to other Web3 ecosystems including MakerDAO, Inflection VC and many more. The next step for us would be to:

  • Present Techtree to the community in more details (during one of the community calls)
  • Create the DAO talent branch with community-agreed customizations, a set of generic roles and bounty size
  • Start accepting talent in the talent pool
  • Actively promote the talent branch throughout Techtree network
  • (Optional) Help projects that are currently hiring set up their bounties

Thank you for reading the post.


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