Small fishes issue with slice index choice

Hi guys, I am new to the community so I didn’t have the chance to discuss the slice index choice, so I am starting this new conversation to address my proposal.
The high gas fees issue is a problem known from everybody, and is only going to get worse as the bull run evolves. I think that should be discussed the possibility to have the same pie for more than a month, at least 2-3 months, because for small fishes like myself changing the pie every month is not sustainable, and might keep a lot of investors out of the project because of this issue,
thank you

Hi there. So, as long as you are active the slice that’s distributed to you can be accrued and claimed in the future, so there’s not a monthly action forced to the Slice holders. That’d be the answer if your concern is about the Slice claiming periodicity.

Now, if you are talking about having a fixed underlying asset for Slice for a certain period of time (eg. Slice being composed of Play for three consecutive months) that has been put to vote recently and it was chosen to allow Slice composition to be defined every month.

Moved the topic to support.