Staking DEFI++ for DOUGH?

Hi guys,

First of all, I like your work. I’ve baked some DEFI++ and would like to stake it for DOUGH. The DEFI++ page says this is possible (here:

We also provide a DEFI++ staking contract where users can provide liquidity in return for a steady stream of DOUGH.

However, the DEFI++ pool is deprecated. Can you give an update on the status of DEFI++ staking? What can we expect?


Would also like to see something happen with DEFI++ soon. Seems like it’s being neglected tbh :confused:

The DEFI++ pool was deprecated in favour of the BCP pool in Week 10

I collected some relevant Discord posts together here, as well:

Ok, I can understand that. Can someone perhaps update the website content, so that people know what to expect? I’ve seen in another forum message that at least 1 person mistakenly deposited DEFI++ in the now deprecated pool.

And as much as I appreciate there being multiple different PieDAO products, I chose to invest in DEFI++ and would very much like to be able to stake as well.

I’m not a blockchain programmer, but please let me know if there is anything I can do.

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As I understand, anyone can begin the proposal process to discuss improvements! I’d kick off a discussion in the Discord, personally, as the forum proposals always seem a bit further fleshed out with community input. It would be good either way to collect others’ sentiment to corroborate changes to treasury spending.

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