Hi. Can anyone help me with the issue I am experiencing? I am looking to stake my SLP tokens that reside within my Metamask. I enter the amount I would like to stake but when I click “Enter an Amount” nothing happens. It is as if it were greyed out. Image attached it what I see. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong/why I am unable to stake it?

Also PieDAO is showing the SLP as existing in my wallet on this screen

Hi @cfesta002 – welcome to the community. Sorry that you are having trouble staking!

I’d recommend trying to stake through vfat until the front end issues are addressed.

Here is the link:

Let us know if you continue to have issues.

Hey @cfesta002 sorry to hear you had some trouble. I think I identified the issue, keep you posted in a little bit.

Hey @cfesta002 it should be all good now, please let me know if you are experiencing any other issue.

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