The Optimistic Case for PieDAO

The optimistic case for PieDAO

The PieDAO community in just a month has been growing so much, a lot has been done and I want to recap my thoughts on the PieDAO project. I will start with a concise summary in FAQ style.
Still in WIP phase.

The Recap

PieDAO acts as a social layer and monitor tool of the protocol, DAO token holders are the decision-makers.

What are PIEs?

PieDAO PIES are a special mix between a Liquidity Pool and a DTF (Decentralized Traded funds). In short:

  • You can trade assets in the pool
    (Multidimensional AMM)

  • You can buy and hold
    (a PIE is a token)

  • You get paid for providing liquidity
    (trade fees from AMM shared to LPs)

PIEs can be used as a medium of exchange since they are a token with their own ticker, they can be traded and they accrue value over time by holding them. They are redeemable for the underlying assets.

PIEs are designed for composability, meaning that one Pie could contain another.

What do token holders govern?

For PieDAO to be successful, the stakeholders in the system need to collaborate and vote on a variety of parameters of the protocol.

  • Weight of PIEs indexes

  • Fees of the PIEs (ie 0.2%)

  • Vetting and risk of assets in the index

  • Circuit breaker emergency shutdown

  • Curve of rebalancing

How to be a token holder?

There is a forum post about the current round of pledging with detail.

Here a step-by-step guide on how to use the token request app in the DAO.

What are the PIEs are in the work?

A number of different PIEs have been proposed by the community and core devs are working at full speed to make those a reality, BTC++ the first Pie it’s already on mainnet today.

:fire:LIVE ON MAINNET :fire:

BTC++: weighted allocation of BTC coins
:white_check_mark:Mainnet Private Launch on 3rd April 2020
:white_check_mark:Public Launch on 10th April 2020
:white_check_mark:First Audit
:hourglass_flowing_sand:Pending Second Audit

You can trade BTC++ today on Uniswap.

:thinking:UNDER CONSIDERATION :thinking:

SDR++: Special Drawing Right

Yield++: weighted allocation of yield coins
Formerly known as PIP 2 - Cash++ PIE

AWP++: All Weather Portofion enhanced with Crypto

And many more:

USD++: Stablecoin Pool

DeFi++: weighted allocation of DeFi tokens

LargeCap++: Market cap-weighted
BTC++ / ETH / sXRP / sBCH / sLTC


I believe community is the best asset a crypto project can have.
Community calls have been getting steam with a solid 30 people showing up weekly.

Daily Community Growth: Discord

Twitter engagement: Announcement Thread

Press Coverage

International coverage it’s tracked here.


What a time to be Pielive!!