Topic-Driven Investment Inspirations

As some member was suggesting a “coronavirus-resistant” allocation, I am looking around and opened a specific Topic to collect interesting insights about cause-driven investments. Here’s a good start!

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This would be very cool

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This might be of relevance or interest;

Been reading about them since Haseeb tweeted about it in his decade review post


I love the idea of an impact PIE, I’ve been thinking of a product called KARMA that could mimic the most well known funds that include green energy, fair trade, animal welfare, etc.

What are the most Karmatic funds out there that you know?


This company was pretty successful in the last years, offering investment best suited for women

This is also interesting

Same thing can be done with Forbes 30 under 30, 40 under 40, IDEO most innovative companies etc.

EdTech is also a nice niche to take into consideration

Virtual Conferences

Top innovative social media companies

most innovative companies in design

It would be very cool to have investments options to automatically donate % of the investment to some charity or social cause through FVM Recipes.
I.e. you could have a “green basket” that holds environmentally-friendly companies and at the end of the year donates a portion of gains to Greenpeace or whatever the choice would be,

What about psychedelics as a cause driven investment?

In the pipeline?