Transfer of VBZRX to Farming Treasury Multisig

Hi All,

I have noticed that the VBZRX worth $19k is present in the main treasury address for PieDAO. The VBZRX token is a vesting token claimable for BZX token.

On clarification with @alexintosh, understood that it had been rewarded for their contributions with the protocol and had been alternately routed to the treasury for future DAO-DAO partnerships.

Since its a vesting token and gives claims over the BZX token, it could be redeemed or sold at a market at a feasible price if needed, and in order to do this, the tokens can be transferred to the Farming Treasury wallet from where the committee can put the tokens to the best use. In the absence of doing this, we sit on an idle asset which could have otherwise been productive.

Let me know any thoughts. The transfer activity can also be done at a later stage when the Farming wallet is refilled based on their initial performance.

  • Yes - transfer the VBZRX tokens now
  • Transfer the tokens at a later stage during refunding the Multisig
  • No - Do not transfer the tokens

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Looks like solid support.
@antodp can you check the contract to see what we need to call to vest those tokens?

The tokens are already vested until July 2024. Also they can be transferred, so just sending is enough.

Hello @alexintosh @antodp. Closing the loop here to give on update on our community call. To be clear are the VBZRX tokens already vested, or will they vest on July 2024? Also have they been transferred to the treasury farming wallet?