Unable to vote with trust wallet

I have staked dough, I have Vedough. When I connect to snapshot and attempt to vote. The snapshot shows 0 vedough. Is there an issue using trust wallet? I can not join the PieDao either.

I have exactly the same problem but I haven´t received any answers. If you find the answer I would appreciate some help.

hey @wtb3 for the 0 veDough question, please refer to I can´t vote although I have staked 7891 veDough

Can you elaborate whats the issue with piedao site and trust wallet?

It is the same problem that another user and I have raised on Discord, the portal does not appear to support WalletConnect at the moment.

Whe i connect to snap shot with trust wallet and attempt to vote. The symbol just spins for eternity and no vote is cast

can i get my dough unstaked so i can send to metamask wallet?

hey, how are you connecting to the snapshot? you may want to try through wallet connect https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/544811126836428800/904381927061061652/Screen_Shot_2021-10-31_at_10.49.34_AM.png

Here how to connect

i am connecting with trust wallet. via wallet connect. I cannot join dao either. Can you vote with trust wallet?

PieDAO Snapshot connectivity setup is the default one. We are not restricting access or actions for any type of wallets. I’d suggest you reach out to either wallet connects support if you have issues connecting your wallet, or snapshot if your vote does not come through