User Research Results

Yesterday we asked PieDAO users how they felt about the product, what they loved the most, what could be improved, and their sentiment towards specific strategies, so that the team could use it to guide the product direction going forward.

Thank you to everyone who participated and took the time to share their feedback - the level of detail and constructive input has been incredible across all responses.

In the coming weeks the team will share the Product Roadmap incorporating community requests and focusing on what users highlighted as important features and activities they’d like to see.

Below you can find the summary of research results:

1. Half of our users would be heartbroken the product.

2. All of our users love these features of PieDAO’s products the most:

  • Oven and gas savings
  • Ease of use / simplicity
  • Community
  • Diversified Exposure

3. Users who love PieDAO the most think that the following type of people would receive the greatest benefit from using PieDAO’s products:

Retail investors - either newcomers who lack crypto knowledge or those with little free time, that are looking to get an exposure to a diversified basket of assets in an easy and convenient way. Passive investment and automatic rebalancing that doesn’t require their attention or active participation is a huge benefit for them.

The second category of users (those that responded “a little sad” to the question of how they’d feel if they couldn’t use PieDAO anymore) added the following characteristics to the user persona:

  • “people that can’t afford to pay expensive fees to diversify their portfolio”
  • “not-rich, normal people like me”
  • “people stressed out about finding the right next bag to win on - the rebalancing makes me feel like i can capture some of the asymp upside. also farming!”
  • “people who don’t have time to do research on many single projects”

4. What could be improved?

From all answers, there are 3 distinct classes of what users would like to see improved:

Communications and documentation

  • “general public not up to date on all the progress, some outdated information”
  • “need concentrated marketing”
  • “more marketing”
  • “more structured roadmap, things to come”
  • “more transparency around governance”
  • “mass adoption”

Accessibility & value

  • DOUGH should be worth more
  • “Only Eth available for minting tokens; lack of stablecoin on-ramp, pls enable to mint pies from DAI, USDC or USDT”
  • “easier access via exchanges, enhanced integrations with other teams”
  • “I would like a layer 2 solution”
  • “more value to go through oven - comes with growth”
  • “Availability on bigger platform, Robinhood type”

Product & UX:

  • “more detailed portfolio view showing the amount of tokens you hold instead of %”
  • “The ability to click and look at the individual assets in each pie for more in depth research without having to leave the site”
  • “the oven concept extended throughout the PieDao ecosystem to DOUGH farming and redemptions”
  • “compound farming rewards.”
  • “more products”

5. With Pies, would you rather make concentrated bets or have a more diversified portfolio?

The below responses are consistent with the overall sentiment towards diversification verbally expressed by most users.

  1. Overall split of responses (1 - most concentrated; 10 - most diversified)

2. Total preferences between two strategies

6. Which strategy would you prefer: aggressive yield-generation + higher risk or steadier returns and lower risk?

The below responses don’t indicate a strong preference of one strategy versus the other, and more research will be conducted over time as more educational material and detail is released.

  1. Overall split of responses (1 - aggressive yield-generation + higher risk 10 - steadier returns and lower risk)

2. Total preferences between two strategies

7. How important is yield-farming for you?


Thank you for designing this survey and preparing the results, @anastasiyabelyaeva!

The bimodal distribution on the yield-seeking/return-steadying strategy is especially interesting. A product slate of both types is certainly compelling, especially if we can help the individual user to focus on the subset they align with best.


That’s a well written user persona!

I agree with everything outline. We could use a guide on how to move governance forward with a Snapshot and more spent on marketing.

I have a marketing GE I want to write but it seems like GEs are going to be worked on more after the roadmap is completed?

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First off thanks for conducting this survey, in my opinion it really paints in broad strokes who our user is. We might want to incentivize future participation in these surveys either with a DOUGH/NFT raffle for survey participants. In the hope that we get a larger sample size.


Thanks for doing the survey Ana, I didn’t see it in the threads so I’ll just include some things I would like to see. I am a new member so hope I’m not being forward .

Ability to deposit from CEX
FIAT on Ramp
Option to bake using USDC/other Stablecoins
L2 Integration
More detail on underlying Assets within Pies
More promotions/marketing particularly through newsletters.
Detailed technical docs on each pie in Welcome Section for newcomers.

Best of luck with this years objectives.

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