What are the fees for the Indices (PIEs)?

I’ve been looking for Index tokens for various themes and recently discovered PieDAO. However, I can’t find any information about annual management fees / streaming fees when I look at the index product pages.

Where can I find information about fees?
Or are there no fees?


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There are Streaming Fees and Swap Fees you can find the details here :point_down:

Thanks for the link.

Regarding the following sentence on that page:

For AMM pies this is 0.7%. PieVaults like YPIE that have built in productivity have a 1% fee.

Are these annual fees?

Which ones are the AMM pies?
The term AMM Pies is not used on the product page.

Does “PieVaults like YPIE” mean all PieVaults, or a subset of PieVaults (if so, which ones)?

It would be helpful if the product page for each Pie/PieVault stated the streaming fee.

As an aside, where does the term “streaming fee” come from? Why not use the term annual management fee from the traditional fund industry?

Yes, the streaming fee is annualized. Alex provides a brief explanation here under What are streaming fees. This same terminology is used by TokenSets and Index Coop, though I don’t myself know the origination of the term.

The pies listed under Pie Vaults on the Indices product page are PieVaults, the AMM pies are those under Explore Pies.


Now that I understand that sentence, I note the docs page for PieVaults suggest not all have fees of 1.00%

They also suggest not all all AMM/Explore Pies have fees of 0.70%

It’s unclear to me whether to trust these pages or the general fee structure page provided in the second post.