When shall PieDAO issue POAPs?

Dear fam,

PieDAO has been deliverying POAP for its community calls only to follow the standard ecosystem practice, yet POAPs are a collectiveble that has no practical value and require time and resources allocation.

Additionally, this has attracted an increasing amount of POAP farmers on the DAO events, only resulting on noisier and more crowded meetings. POAP farmers add no value to the conversation and increase the risk of actual contributors to be left out of the audio channels due to Discord limitations.

I propose that PieDAO does not deliver more POAPs in any of the recurrying events, unless on special ocasions like anniversaries, product release or such.

Please help us understand how you feel about this. Thanks for your support.

When shall PieDAO issue POAPs?
  • Only at Community Calls
  • Only on Special Events
  • No POAPs

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I have to agree, we need to stop POAP extractable value.

I still love POAPs and celebrating special occasions with our community is important. Maybe we can take an older POAP design and use it as a template? Designs don’t need to be unique, the POAP itself is the symbol / marker for community progress.


What if we issued non-transferrable POAPs?

I’m still waiting for the one with the pot of gold…


Can any value really get extracted from POAP? :thinking:
I just perceive the intrinsic OG-ness of them. PieDAO gave out some amazing ones back in 2020…see the one below!

Btw, I’d love to have a “daily POAP” option in this poll, minted at any discord command /wenPOAP @Adrian.A :partying_face:


This poll only includes limited options. What if I believe that POAPs should be offered for Community Calls, and Special Events, and other events?

I suggest opening polls that allow for a wider breadth of options.

Some good feedback here. So, I’ll reopen the poll. Please share your thoughts:

When shall we POAP?
  • Daily POAP
  • For Community Calls, and all events.
  • Only for Community Calls
  • Only for Special Events
  • No POAPs

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Thanks for your feedback!

To be honest, i don’t care that much about Poap, except the joke “wen pop” after each and every meeting
Only good side of Poap is a systematic bounty for the designer
Bad side is amount of work for Gabo to manually send them for no added value ?