Why are my holdings declining?

Hi there,

I’m a newbie, so apologies if I’m not reading this correctly.

I checked my holdings recently and they have decreased. From memory, I tried to stake for rewards but I don’t know if this was a success.


Can you let me know how to read this correctly.

Many thanls

Dough and Play are not the same token. I guess you are staking your play tokens to earn dough tokens.

Also, Dough price has gone down.

Not sure how this happened. Can I convert my holdings back to Play?

My guess, based on the screenshot, is that your DOUGH was never staked so it was held in your wallet since the total number of tokens is the same. There isn’t single token staking yet so you had to have provided liquidity (i.e. DOUGH/ETH pair on Sushi, etc.) and then staked the LP (Liquidity Pool) token to earn staking rewards. I recommend heading to the PieDao Discord chat if you want guidance on that process (not sure if it’s worth it to stake the amount you have at the moment).

You can still swap your DOUGH for PLAY (looks like at current rates you’d get ~200 PLAY for what you have, ~$435 worth), but that’s just a usual swap (can go to Sushi.com to swap directly, or swap your DOUGH for ETH and then use the Ovens, etc.). Just as a heads up, be careful if swapping for PLAY using something like Zapper.fi since it sometimes routes through a weird pool that will end up giving you barely any PLAY (just check the numbers before confirming the trade).

If I purchased DOUGH why does my Etherscan purchase say Tracker:
Metaverse NFT Index (PLAY) (@$2.3915)image|527x40

can you send your eth address here and we can check what you did.
(your address is the public address you’ll find at the top of metamask)

My metamask address is: 0xf3970358C35f6f9bb13e3CC8C315271b59B9bAC4

Your holdings are the same, the USD value of it changed because DOUGH is a volatile asset. As far as I can see you never staked in the end.

Hi Alex, Thanks for looking into this. Can you please explain in simple terms why my contract shows Play and my holdings show DOUGH? I was attracted to PieDAO because of the gaming index $PLAY. I don’t know what the DOUGH use case even is.

hey @michaelbatistic
as you can see from your tx history, you did purchase DOUGH from ETH, not PLAY.
DOUGH is PieDAO governance token, you can read more here https://www.piedao.org/#/dough

Just to clarify, the contract showing in the picture above is the PLAY token contract, not yours.

If still interested into getting hold of PLAY, you may swap your DOUGH for PLAY here on Sushiswap https://app.sushi.com/swap.

Hope this helps!