Why do you allow staking in deprecated pools?

Hi, I am new to this whole Defi and was excited to participate in farming. without paying much attention, I staked into Defi++ farm which did say it was deprecated but I obvisouly did not think much of it. After charging three different fees (~50 USD), I see that is a deprecated pool. To unstake I need to pay more fees now. The question is, why do you even have it available if it is deprecated? That just does not sound right.

Idk the technical side of this but I had the same question myself. Unless I don’t know what it means by deprecated. Sorry to hear about the loss bud, I accidently sent 2 Comp to a wallet I had lost the password for.

thanks mate. appreciate your response. I was hoping someone from developer side could shed light on this as this is primarily their decision to leave deprecated pools exposed.

I know that’s why I responded and will keep responding.

I think you still might get the swap fees associated with that pool, there are just no promotions at this time. I think it was addressed in general chat discord.

I recall there having been a discussion about pools being left open so folks could unstake after the incentives were removed, someone leaving $YPIE in I think for several weeks…

It would be interesting to know if disallowing staking while still continuing to allow unstaking is an option for the farms. I’m not sure myself!

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I think it may be worth submitting a proposal for this. Great idea!

Those smart contracts are immutable therefore it would not be possible.
If someone feels like, could make a PR to hide the deposit button on the UI if the pool is deprecated.