xPie: the Brrrr Pie

Hi guys

First of all this post is not a formal proposal. It’s first to gather some feedbacks.

I already (and I think some others) mentioned the possibility of using xTokens to create a new Pie.

Could be the xPie. Nothing sexual here, even if it could be very sexy !

If you don’t know xToken , you can find more infos here and on their medium : here

Micheal ( not sure how to call him… CEO / Main dev ? Creator ? ) is a very nice guy and I’m sure he will be more than happy to collaborate. I’m helping this project as an un-official comm/marketing mod , especially for the French side. So the link between “us” and “them” should be very easy.

Main Idea

The main idea behind this Pie would be to incorporate only governance token used to generate yield (mainly from protocol fees). They already have several xToken available.

  • xKNC = Kyber
  • xSNX = Synthetix
  • xAAVE = Aave
  • xINCH = 1Inch

May be useful to ask them which other xTokens they are planning to release. (xBNT, xUNI )… ???

Moreover, this pie doesn’t have to be only composed of xTokens. For exemple we could also add xSHUSHI, bBadger , FARM , …
Doing this we could have a very interesting Pie with an interesting APY.

The other advantage I can see, is trying to incorporate PieDAO in the ecosystem by collaborating with other projects. If this is something interesting for us.

Current Issues

Currently, there are 2 issues I can see:

  1. Using xTOken , we won’t be able to use the meta-gouvernance as xTOkens are already voting. So I don’t know if it can be an issue.

  2. At the moment the main issue could be a lack of liquidity . BUT , xToken didn’t release his Token yet. So a big liquidity mining program will probably happen soon and it will help to bring more liquidity .


strong yes, this token could replace the tokens in other pie tokens

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I’ll post this on Discord too but here’s a good video to make GIFs from so we can say bakery goes brrrr

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haha a lot of potential !!!


Hey @Cryptouf
I moved the topic to the #idea section while waiting for the discussion to develop.

More info: How To Prioritise PIPs & Guidelines For Good Interactions in the Forum

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Hey! check out this poll to help us prioritise the many Ideas for Pies received

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xToken just launched it governance token , the XTK : https://medium.com/xtoken/xtk-is-live-41524c85f0e1

And also started a big liquidity mining program : https://medium.com/xtoken/guide-to-xtk-community-vesting-802a285539df

Is there any interest from Micheal to actively work on this one?

I can ask him again. Maybe he will see this message @mjc716 ?

yes! let’s talk. i think we have sufficient liquidity to start introducing xAssets into pies

@Cryptouf thanks for the ping


no problem. Would be very happy to see a collaboration between 2 amazing projects

We are able with PieVault to deploy the underlying directly into an xToken which would make the liquidity problem less relevant.


let us know what are next steps!