YPIE vault questions


I am a YPIE/ETH LP on Sushi. I love the YPIE idea but am confused about the mechanics of how the yield from the lending will be reflected in the value of the token. It’s my understanding that a token’s value is determined by market performance / how many people buy the token. For example, let’s say at time zero there is a certain amount of yfi/sushi/keeper/ect… (let’s say x number tokens) in the value, and then at time one there is 1.2x number tokens. Do these tokens get redistributed to YPIE holders? Does YPIE need to be withdrawn from the vault like a yearn vault, or can it be sold on a DEX like sushi?

I’m also willing to do my own research if someone would be willing to supply reading material regarding the mechanics of this.

Thanks in advance,
fresh dough

Hi @jacobdecatur,

I noticed @BlockEnthusiast1 breaking down this topic in the discord, worth taking a read: https://discord.com/channels/544810647683072000/544811126836428800/794043275785928744